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Gitopia is an application specific blockchain built using Cosmos SDK framework. The use of Cosmos SDK has enabled us to leverage the Tendermint BFT consensus engine and build the blockchain that is optimized for Gitopia’s use case. Along with the high throughput and fast finality, Cosmos IBC also enables other IBC compatible chains to integrate directly with Gitopia.
Lightning collaborations on blockchain
Gitopia provides developers with a community-governed decentralized platform where they can host their git repositories permanently and collaborate with others on code without worrying about censorship or losing access to their code.
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Helps keep track of tasks, enhancements, and bugs for your opensource and web3 projects
Helps you submit changes to a decentralized repository hosted on Gitopia
Helps you create a copy of the repository hosted on Gitopia to experiment with changes or use as a basis
Gitopia Profile
Users can now set usernames for their wallet addresses on Gitopia

Permanent Storage

A global, permanent, and unalterable record of every single revision ever made.
gitopia storage platforms
Linus Torvalds
Inventor of GIT
“In real open source, you have the right to control your own destiny.”
Secure Platform

No single point of failure

Decentralized Network of Gitopia provides high availability and stable network.
Application will be served by a decentralized network of Gitopia nodes that are incentivised for high availability and good behaviour.
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Open Source and community governed
Gitopia source code is open-source on Gitopia and open for contributors to build. Users will be stakeholders of Gitopia and all decisions related to Gitopia would be community-centric and driven by the community.
Incentivization for contributions using LORE token
Incentivizing open source and Web3 contributions will be integrated into the Gitopia workflows. It will be designed to motivate open-source developers to contribute to open-source projects and Web3 actively.
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Censorship Resistant and Unstoppable
There is no central authority that can take down any repository on Gitopia and decentralized network ensures high availability of services
Secure login with wallets
Gitopia provides users option to login with secure wallets such as Ledger, Keplr and local web wallet
Discover the incredible benefits of Web3 specific Workflows
Gitopia is a decentralized and community-governed alternative to code collaboration platforms like GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket. Gitopia offers Open Source and Web3 with wide variety of tailor-made workflows for better development of projects and engaging with the contributors.
Community can raise or vote on proposals to help shape the future of Gitopia
DAOs at Gitopia would provide a decentralized code management tool for people and institutions that don`'`t know or trust each other
Create bounties for the issues you wish to get built with community and reward contributors on their code submissions
At Gitopia, all the platform-related decisions will be taken with the community's involvement transparently to help shape future of Gitopia
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