Code Collaboration for Web3

Built with Cosmos SDK

Gitopia is developed using the Cosmos SDK framework. The use of Cosmos SDK has enabled us to leverage the Tendermint BFT consensus engine and build the blockchain that is optimized for Gitopia’s use case. Also, IBC enables other IBC compatible chains to integrate directly with Gitopia.

Permanent Storage

A global, permanent, and unalterable record of every single revision ever made.
Linus Torvalds
Inventor of GIT
“In real open source, you have the right to control your own destiny.”

No single point of failure

A Decentralized Network of Gitopia nodes provides high availability and reliable service.
The application is served by a decentralized network of Gitopia nodes, incentivised for high availability and good behaviour.

Censorship Resistant

There is no central authority that can take down any repository on Gitopia. Instead, the community decides the content policies and is responsible for platform moderation.

Governance System

In Gitopia, all the platform-related decisions are taken with the involvement of validators and delegators in a transparent manner. They create proposals as well as vote and help shape the future of Gitopia.

Our Roadmap

MVP ImplementationStart developing Gitopia blockchain built with Cosmos SDKLaunch first version of Gitopia WebappRelease the git remote helper for GitopiaRelease the GitHub Mirror Action for easy migration from GitHubGitopia Web Wallet releaseGitopia Explorer releaseExchange listings of LORE tokenEcosystem PartnershipsRelease Organization/Repository governanceRelease IBC InterfaceLaunch Gitopia Desktop appSupport CI/CD IntegrationsRelease Static Code Analysis

Meet the Team

Parth Oberoi
Faza Mahamood
Snehil Buxy
Kushagra Singh
Stian Sandsgaard
Hariom Verma
Ejaaz Mahamood